Canadian Maple Almonds

Canadian Maple Almonds

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Canadian Maple Almonds (with wild organic chia seeds and organic flax seeds) are our salute to the Great White North. Thanks for being awesome - Oh Canada Eh! We use the finest maple syrup from Quebec and wild organic chia seeds and organic flax seeds of deliciousness. These crunchy nuggets are artisanally hand- crafted in small batches using superior AA grade almonds. It's not all indulgence though, almonds help build and maintain strong bones. Strong bones for everyone!


Ingredients: Almonds, Organic Pure Maple Syrup, Organic Brown Sugar, Wild Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Flax Seeds.

Allergen Alert: This tasty product is made in a facility that also process other tree nuts and milk products. Hand-Made in Vancouver, Canada.

(Vegan & Gluten Free)

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