How it all started

Bon Mano Bon is a Vancouver owned and operated company, where we emphasize on hand-made desserts using fresh and natural ingredients to create healthy quality delights. We also work with and support local farmers and companies to keep our local economy strong, enriching the whole community.

I used to spend a lot of time with my best friend Neil Blair back in Jr. high school.  Every afternoon, we would walk home together from school to his place.  Being a retired Spanish baker and a homemaker of 4 kids, Mrs. Blair always baked wonderful treats for us while we do our homework.  I always saw her used nothing but just egg, flour, butter, sugar and fresh fruit to making her desserts.  Just like magic, she created all those wonderful delicacies from scratch by hands, and always had this big smile on her face.  “Bon Bon” means “little treats”; and “Mano” means “by hand” in Spanish.  Therefore, I used the name “Bon Mano Bon” - handmade treats - in memories of her.

The Idea for my little company began many years ago at an informal dinner tea party I hosted for a group of close friends.  I had planned and prepared dinner and, as was customary, an array of desserts. It was during the desserts and coffee that my friends began to suggest making a business out of my knack of baking.  The idea for a catering company for busy people on a budget was born.  I decided to focus my attention on desserts which I had many years of official trainings and all those valuable skills I’ve learnt through working in hotels, bakery shops and teaching in public schools around the world.

Friends and families loved to taste all the varieties of nuts & chocolates, cookies & candies, or cakes & tarts that I had laboured over.  I loved the hands-on of preparation and all kinds of dessert making.  From washing to cutting, from mixing to baking, every moment is filled with passion and love.  It was those big warm smiles after the very first bite appeared on people’s face that inspired me to search for the freshest ingredients to craft new creations.


I proudly bring you Bon Mano Bon, where we make handmade treats for your craving needs!